Contemporary jewelry designer specialized in the use of polymer clay, glass and silver as a means of artistic expression.

The extensive experience of Ana Belchí is structured around three main areas: technical, educational and social.

Technically, the training of the most renowned international artists and continuous personal experimentation, place her as one of the leaders of the current scene.

The teaching and social work combined them participating as a professional for education in training workshops and Special Employment Centers for people with severe mental illness. As well as workgroups at national or international level. Being among her achievements the organization of workshops in formal education centers of artistic jewelry; companies training industry or trade shows of great international setting (Frankfurt, Paris, Lisbon).


  • Formación CREA - Educational Communities. For an inclusive and successful school - Valencia (Spain) - January / April 2015
  • EuroSynergy Conference 'Together new vision' - Malta - April 30 - March 3 (2014) - First International Congress on polymer clay inEurope.
  • Polymer Clay Spectacle - Linz (Austria) – March 4 to 6, 2011 - From a perfect piece of jewelery to a perfect picture "- a two hour lecture / speech by Roland Weber -" Decorating snail shells "- Demo by Carina Feichtinger - "Polymer Clay and Embossing Powder - What can I do With It, and how?" - Demo by Anke Humpert
  • III EuroClay Carnival – Madrid (Spain), October 2010. Various workshops on techniques applied to design polymer clay taught by professors and international artists: Donna Kato (USA), Judy Belcher (USA), Leslie Blackford (USA), Leániz Natalia Garcia (Spain), Eva Ehmeier (Austria), Christine Dumont (Belgium).
  • Recursive Molded Beads – Madrid (Spain) - June 2009. Taught by Grant Diffendaffer (USA).
  • Technical thermoformed glass: Fusing II – Valencia (Spain) - October 2008. Taught by Salvador Cervera (Spain) within the training program of the Valencian Regional Association of the Flat Glass (REVIP) through the Spanish Business Confederation of Glass and Ceramics.
  • EuroClay Carnival. Nottingham (UK) - August 2008. Various workshops on techniques applied to design polymer clay taught by professors and international artists: Donna Kato (USA), Judy Belcher (USA), Carol Blackburn (UK), Leslie Blackford (USA), Alison Gallant (UK), Natalia Leániz Garcia (Spain).
  • Techniques of printmaking in polymer clay by Noelia Contreras (Spain). January 2008.
  • Dissemination and Technological Innovation for the Craft Sector in Valencia, conducted by the Center for Arts of Valencia (Spain). January 2008.
  • Jornadas Alalba IV - Psychosocial Rehabilitation: Quality, Community and Ethics – Valencia (Spain) - October 2007. Organised by M. Huertas, P. and E. Peris Gallach.
  • Practical application of classic Japanese design polymer clay jewelry focused: The Inros. Delivered by Donna Kato (USA). July 2007.
  • Introduction to Jewelry Techniques Glass taught by Susana Aparicio Ortiz (Spain) in the Foundation Centre of Glass of Barcelona. April 2006.
  • 2D and 3D design computer aided (AutoCAD) given by the Valencian Federation of Junior Enterprises. Polytechnic University of Valencia. 2001

Other knowledge

  • Good level of technical and colloquial English (spoken and written).
  • High knowledge of art, principles of design, color theory.
  • Domain associated with the design software like Photoshop and Autocad.


  • For over 10 years teaching polymer clay workshops applied to contemporary jewelery throughout Spain and Europe.


  • Polimeralia - Valencia (Spain) - August 2014. As organizer and teacher of the workshop 'Antithesis: The beauty of the opposite' - Alongside Noelia Contreras (Spain) and Sylvie Péraud (France).
  • Gredos Clay Festival - Nava del Barco (Spain) - August 2013 - As organizer and teacher of the workshop 'Oxidaciones' - Alongside Noelia Contreras (Spain) and Daniela D'Uva (Italy).
  • I Encentro Arcillero in Valencia - December 2012 – As organizer and teacher of the Workshop 'Crumple it! - Alongside MoonRose Handmade (Spain)
  • Mixed Media Event - Houten (Netherlands) - April 2012 - Teaching the workshop 'Bento and Color' - Together with Daniela D'Uva (Italy), Joyce Van Loon (Netherlands) and Linda Ezerman (Netherlands).
  • Polymer Pamper Play - Cotswolds (UK) - March 2012 - Teaching the workshop 'Bento and Color' - Alongside Eva Emheimer (Austria) and Melanie Muir (Scotland).
  • MoldeaLevante - Torrepacheco (Murcia) - 4 al August 7, 2011 - Teaching the course 'Bento and color' - Alongside Noelia Martin Contreras, Noemi Hurtado Rebate and Conchi Checa Ibergallartu (Spain).

Trade shows

  • Creativa - Brussels - March 2015 - Demonstrations of working with polymer clay (Cernit) on Stand The Clay and Paint Factory.
  • Abilmente - Rome - November 2014 - Demonstrations of working with polymer clay (Cernit) on Stand The Clay and Paint Factory.
  • Papergift - Lisbon - April 2011 - Official presentation of the products Kato Polyclay in Europe. With demonstrations and workshops (Decoraciones y manualidades SL).
  • SMAC Paris - March 2011 - Demonstrations of working with polymer clay (Kato Polyclay) in the stand Renkalik SPA.
  • Messe Frankfurt Creativeworld - January-February 2011 - Official presentation of the products Kato Polyclay in Europe. With demonstrations and workshops at the booth of Decorations and Crafts SL; exclusive distributor in Europe.

For others

  • Renkalik SPA - February 2011 - Formation of commercial and artistic - technical team responsible for the distribution of products Kato Polyclay in Italy. Bologna (Italy).
  • Polymer Clay Association of Spain (APE) - December 2010. Application of the technique Mica Shift in polymer clay. Monographic workshop.
  • Decorations and Crafts S.L. - Art '10 - July 2010 - November 2010. Teacher responsible for the division of polymer clay for professionals of Decoraciones y Manualidades SL; official exclusive distributor in Europe of Kato Polyclay (Van Aken). Multiple workshops and demonstrations in Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria, Córdoba, Alicante and Valencia.
  • School of Art and Design Murcia - March 2010. The polymer clay jewelry.
  • Polymer Clay Association of Spain (APE) - October 2007 - Application of Mokume Gane technique in polymer clay. Monographic workshop.
  • II shows Gastronomy and Crafts Les Coves de Vinromá - December 2006 - The polymer clay jewelry. Demonstration workshop.
  • ‘La Cuenta. Hazlo tú’. January 2004 - December 2006 System implementation and teacher training workshops and polymer clay jewelry: design, composition and assembly techniques. Working with groups formed by adults or children.
  • Tutoring. March 2002 - June 2005 - Technical drawing courses applied to jewelry design. Techniques jewelry and polymer clay.

Professional experience in Business

  • Production Manager jewelery shop - Albero Arte Sano S.L. Since January 2008 - Responsible for the work and safety of staff in a special employment center for people with disabilities. Address workshop, control of raw materials, warehouse, purchasing, sorting and distribution of works and staff; production and yield studies, active participation in the design and production. Training and retraining of staff.
  • Instructor jewelery shop – Asociación Albero Artisanos / Provincial Government of Valencia. January 2007-December 2007 - Responsible for training in the workshop of jewelery within financed by the European Social Fund Alalba program (Rehabilitation and socio-professional reintegration of people with severe mental illness).
  • Art Advisory - Editorial Grup 62 - January 2005 - September 2006 - Member of the sales team of Art 62, Art division Grup 62 Editorial.


  • Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. September 2007, February 2008, September 2008. - Original design and implementation of the jewelry worn by the Valencian designer Francis Montesinos in their collections Spring - Summer 2008 and Fall 2009 - Winter 2008-2009. Nestled in the framework of the activity of the company Albero Arte Sano.
  • Aldaya. August 2008. - Manufacture of jewelry for haute couture collection of Spanish designer Carlos Haro. Located within the activity of the company Albero Arte Sano.
  • Valencia II Fashion Week. January 2007. - Design and implementation of the jewelry accessories and jewelry for the parade of "The Taming of the Shrew".

Conferences and Exhibitions

  • Visual Composition: Balance - EuroSynergy Conference. Malta 2014.
  • Creative thinkin: Strategies and tools – EuroSynergy Conference. Malta 2014.
  • Exhibition in ‘Rosalía Sender’ Art Gallery. December 2011 – March 2012 - Transparency Series



  • Bubling - Lucy Struncova - Mention (2014)
  • Trends in the European Polymer Clay Scene - Anke Humpert - Publication of the piece 'red / orange 1 Transparencies' (2013)
  • Shapes. 25 Inspirational Jewellery Designs in Polymer Clay - Helen Breil - Publication of the parts: 'Art Deco' and 'Untittle brooch' (2012)
  • Edle Schmuck-Unikate Accessoires aus polymer Clay - Bettina Welker (Unique pieces of jewelry and accessories polymer clay.). Publication of the piece "Remembering Japan" - 2009
  • A.P.E. 3 years of art in polymer clay - Polymer Clay Association of Spain. Publication of the piece "Remembering Japan" - 2010.


  • Manos Maestras Magazine (Spain) - usual Collaboration since 2012 - Tutorials
  • Polymer Clay Calendar 2014 – ClayStyle (Germany) - Publication of the piece 'red / orange Transparencies 1' (2014)
  • The Polymer Arts Magazine (USA): Articles in numbers: Winter 2013, Winter 2014
  • From Polymer to Art (The Netherlands). Items in Nos. 4-2012, 1-2013, 2-2013, 3-013
  • Director and author of Bilingual Magazine PolimerizArte. First magazine published in Spain dedicated to the diffusion of polymer clay as an artistic medium. 2011.

Collaborations and Charges

  • International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA). Vice President for Education (Regional board for the rest of the world) - Since 2015
  • Voilà! Europe-based community for the world's polymeristas. Since April 2009.
  • Publisher and director of La Gaceta de APE Board. January 2008-September 2008